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Automate and enhance business processes with intelligent automation.

Automation can generate exceptional results, but adopting intelligent automation is how organizations can sharpen their competitive edge. This digital solution can unlock previously unattainable levels of efficiency and performance and prepare your organization for the future.

Intelligent automation involves the integration of robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and business process management to automate tasks and streamline processes using human-centric interfaces. 

The SD Digital team can help your organization evaluate, adopt and implement intelligent automation and find a better way forward with a more sophisticated and adaptable automation solution. Our team has the in-depth knowledge, business acumen, and deep experience necessary to translate business automation technology into strategic solutions to help your organization unlock the power of digital.

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Intelligent Automation in Action

One of the key advantages intelligent automation offers is the ability to impact controls and business units regardless of industry or vertical. Below are a few examples of how intelligent automation can help organizations streamline and automate key processes and roles.  


  • Accounts Receivable Processing
  • Audit Control
  • Expense Management


  • Statement Reconciliation
  • P&L Preparation
  • Regulatory Compliance

Human Resources

  • Onboarding
  • Employment Verification
  • Record Keeping

Customer Service

  • Onboarding
  • Relationship Management
  • User Profile Updates

Marketing and Sales

  • Lead Nurturing
  • Invoice Management
  • CRM Updates


  • Inventory Management
  • Refund Processing
  • Procurement Records


Benefits of Intelligent Automation

By implementing this cost-effective and scalable solution, organizations can increase operational efficiency, increase productivity and maximize employee performance by tackling high-volume tasks critical to business operations with a virtual and intelligent workforce.

  • 24x7x365 – Increase productivity with technology that operates continuously without sick days, vacations, or staffing turnover.  
  • Cost Savings – Boost productivity without adding headcount.
  • Employee Engagement – Use intelligent automation for mundane tasks, allowing staff to focus on higher-value and strategic work.
  • Reduced Risk – Eliminate human error and establish robust audit trails for compliance and regulatory requirements.  
  • Scalable – Build a flexible and scalable virtual workforce that adapts to your organization’s evolving needs and growth. 
  • Speed – Accelerate task completion time and increase processing capacity without requiring extra resources.
  • Transparency – Gain instant access to detailed performance reports and business insights for continuous improvement.


Intelligent Automation Success Stories

Learn how SD Digital has made impactful change for clients across several industries with the power of intelligent automation.  


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SD Digital helps organizations translate technology to transformative change and realize the best version of themselves. With a forward-thinking cap and digital lens, we empower organizations to realize the art of the possible with the power of digital through business-focused and technology-enabled solutions, built on an unwavering commitment to practicality, speed to market and the user experience.

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"We are a long time customer and value the service provided."

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Best Account 2021
case studies
                                    Company impacted by ransomware.
big problem:
Company impacted by ransomware.
big thinking:
Restore system on-site and avoid six-figure ransom.
                                    Inefficient tax credit realization.
big problem:
Inefficient tax credit realization.
big thinking:
Identified a $900,000 tax credit, nearly twice as much as prior years.
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